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Booking and Release process — Knowing how it works can help you avoid mistakes

Booking and Bail in Hawthorne Police Department Jail

Whether a person has been arrested for domestic violence, DUI, DWI or any other offense the process is the same. Persons taken into custody by the Hawthorne Police or Sheriff’s Department will be held at either the Hawthorne Police Station Jail, Sheriff’s Station Jail or will be transfered to the Los Angeles County Jail (IRC) and will be kept there until their first court date called the “Arraignment.” Bail is allowed to be posted in any facility 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Before a bail bond is turned in and accepted, the arrestee must pass a background check through “Live Scan”, which is a machine that is linked to a county, state and national database. That database will notify the authorities of any possible holds, warrants, or aliases that might prevent release or increase the total bail amount of an arrestee. Once the results of the Live Scan come back from the various government agencies, that person is then “cleared” to bond out. At this time, a jailor will review and accept a Bail Bond for an arrestee and release them on the Bail Bond.

From the time a Bail Bond is turned in, it takes between 30 minutes and 3 hours for a release depending on the facility where the person is being held. Release times do vary based on the workload of the Hawthorne jail’s staff as well as the type of facility. Once out, a person will need to complete his or her part of the paper work, take a picture, and make sure to show up to each and every court date thereafter. It is recommended that you hire a Hawthorne criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

More About Hawthorne, CA

Hawthorne, a city in Los Angeles County, was first inhabited by Native American members of the Shoshonian linguistic group, occupying the South Bay area as early as the 1500s. Juan Cabrillo, a Portuguese explorer, noticed the area in 1542 and by 1769 all the land in California became property of the King of Spain. All the South Bay lands were used for cattle grazing in the state. The area where Hawthorn sits now was given to Mexico by Spain in 1822 and was known as Sausal Redondo, approximately 22,460 acres of land. The area was used to plant trees and raise sheep and cattle for years until severe droughts in 1875 and 1876 caused the loss of thousands of animals. After the droughts, the land was used for dry farming of barley and by 1880 the area was producing a million bushels of barley every year. The city was given its name in 1905 by Mrs. Laurine Harding Woolwine, daughter to Benjamin I. Harding who had purchased acreage with a partner to build a town. Hardings daughter chose the name for the city because she shared her birthday with famous author Nathaniel Hawthorne. The first residents to begin building in the new city were Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Anderson who settled in November of 1906. The couples son Glenn would later go on to serve as mayor of the city as well as Lieutenant Governor of California and congressman from the 17th District. By 1921, the population of the city had risen to 2,000 and the city was officially incorporated in July 1922. Hawthorne has grown from a rural farming community during its inception and has become a mixture of industries and homes. Hawthorne has also had its share of notable residents, and is the hometown of Brian, Carl and Dennis Wilson who are famous for being in the rock band the Beach Boys. The singers boyhood home was demolished in the 1980s during the construction of a freeway, but in 2005 it was honored with a California Landmark. The city was also the birthplace of famous actress and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe until the time she was 6.

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